[Tutorial] Pokebox 1 quest!

Welcome trainers! I'm going to show you where you can obtain an additional free pokemon!

Requirements: We will need a pokemon that has the dig ability! Example, diglett
We will need a good pokemon so we can defeat our enemy (we will face ratattas, raticates and 1x Golbat, 1x Grimer levels 20+/-)
Location: Quest is located in Saffron city, so here we go! We start off in Saffron city, just outside PC we go down the drain!
[2] Once we get there we will have to use our pokemon to get down the hole (order and use it on the hole to dig)
[4] Once we get there we will have to talk to the npc,
04:33 Noobel [15]: hi

04:33 Eric: Hello Noobel, my name is Eric want you fight for first box ?
04:33 Noobel [15]: duel
04:33 Eric: You are challenging me to a battle. It will be a 3 pokemon limit battle, let's start?
04:33 Noobel [15]: yes
04:33 Eric: Yea, let's fight!

Good luck! Now we will have to fight him! He will have 3 pokemons, Golbat, Raticate, Grimer!
After we defeat him we can go get our prize!


04:38 You opened a pokemon prize box chest! 04:38 The prize pokemon was a Horsea (level 9), congratulations! To enlarge the pictures simply click on them.