Basic Controls:

Basic movement is achieved through either left-clicking with the mouse on the tile you wish to move to or on the mini-map. You may also use the directional areas on your keyboard.

Pokemon Ingenious is a 2 dimensional game with a 3 dimensional sphere of movement. Using various tools and pokemon abilities allows you to explore.

By using CTRL+Right click, you can interact with most things in the environment. You may also left click on the objects and choose the option "use" from the drop down window in order to achieve the same effect.

Using CTRL+Right click on the bottom of a Ladder allows you to climb up a level. Walking over the hole at the top will allow you to climb down.

Using CTRL+Right click on the poke rope and clicking on the shadow circle below a hole will allow you to climb the rope up a level.

Using CTRL+Right click on a grate will allow you to travel down a level.


You may inspect items, other players, or Pokemon in the field by left-clicking on their portrait and selecting "Look" from the drop box. You may also Hold shift and Left click on their portrait or their name in the combat window.


Use look in order to inspect your enviroment.

Riding Pokemon.

By Selecting the order command and selecting yourself, you may mount any rideable

pokemon that you control and have out.


Use order and select your avatar in order to mount a ridable Pokemon.

If you are attacked while mounted, your character takes damage, despite the fact that you have a pokemon out. You may ride in places your pokemon are normally forced to wait out side of such as the pokemon center. However when you dismount, your pokemon wil be removed from the building.

Certain rideable Pokemon also allow you to fly.


Flying several levels above the trees.

While Flying at ground level the controls are the same as riding. However you may also Ascend by typing "Fly up" or "H1" in the chat screen. To descend you must type "Fly down" or "H2". You will be unable to dismount your pokemon while flying unless you are at ground level. You will also be unable to use the mini map for travel or left clicking a tile more than one space away from you while you are more than one level above the ground. Riding is, However, extremely useful for avoiding fights while traveling. As long are one tile above the ground, you will not be attack. This is offset by the movement restrictions.


While having Pokemon who knows the Surf Ability as your active Pokemon, Simply walk into a body of water to automatically begin surfing.