==== At Easter time we add a special loot to Pokémon, which players will be able to get eggs. Find the NPC, which will replace a certain amount of eggs on objects:

5 eggs - BOX 1
10 Easter eggs - BOX 2, 3 Rare Candy
15 Easter eggs - Water Stone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Rock Stone, Earth Stone, Stone Punch, Thunder Stone, Heart Stone, Ice Stone (I hope none omitted)
20 Easter eggs - BOX 3, Enigma Stone, Darkness Stone, 10 Rare Candy
25 Easter eggs - Crystal Stone, Sun, Stone, Metal Stone, King\'s Rock
30 Easter eggs - BOX 4
50 Easter eggs - Shining Water Stone, Shining Ice Stone (and other Shining Stone)
75 Easter eggs - Vip BOX
100 Easter eggs - Boost Stone ====

Pokemon easter